Pastor's Pen

Holy Greetings, in Jesus' Name!

What a blessed privilege to speak to You in declaring that the Word of the Lord is not stagnant, but "Spirit and Life"! The same God whose words have been recorded of old, is yet speaking today!

The Lively Stone Church family has recently been challenged by words I received from the Lord in my time of prayer: "My untapped abilities are in great demand. I (must) act upon those opportunities (to) produce resources! Those resources will translate into revenue; revenue will bring reserve; reserve will bring an abundance." 

The Kingdom's work before us requires financing! Our great God uses men to channel blessings. I challenge you to become a conduit for His blessings, so He can use You in whatever area He desires. Watch what God can accomplish through willing vessels!

Because of Calvary,


Senior Pastor Bishop Ronald D. Smith