Ministers & Deacons Wives

MISSION: Fellowship-- Discipleship-- Service

The wives of church servant-leaders are admonished in Scripture to be sober, mature, obedient, faithful, chaste keepers of the home, and given to hospitality. This admonition speaks to character necessary for a thriving fellowship, and actions amenable to service. Therefore, this group strives to support one another in being good examples of godliness, while also providing needed formal and informal instruction to young wives, and single women desirous of one day being married. Their mentoring function is priceless! 


The Auxiliary exists to provide a venue for the women who live in 'glass houses' to explore common issues that could, if left unchecked, become a means for sowing divisiveness among the membership. It promotes maturity in interactions, and fosters a sense of community. It concerns itself with extensions of love to those outside the group who are most vulnerable to negative influences. It serves as a model of saintly hospitality.    

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